Feel-Good Yoga for every body!

Small and Friendly, Non-competitive Hatha Yoga classes at Castleford’s first dedicated yoga studio.

Suitable for men and women, all ages, abilities and health issues.

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All classes are now held at our dedicated studio:

Overview Studios, Green Street, Aire & Calder Industrial Park, Castleford, WF10 2JA

There is ample free parking for all evening and weekend classes, on weekdays daytime please leave enough time to find a free parking space.Castleford-yoga_saturday_class_Jan17

Current class times 2017 – Moving to a new online booking system.

We are moving to a new online booking system on the 1st of June. You will be able to view the schedule and buy memberships via that system.

You are still going to be allocated a long term class time slot of your choice in accordance with your membership. The new system will help  you swap classes if you can’t make it one week, check full terms and conditions for details on how this works.

Our room is small and peaceful which means we are still at limited capacity in each class. A max of 10 people, generally 9 to allow more flexibility.

Check out the courses & events page for full details on all classes. This page will be edited once the New system is fully in place.

Custom designed private sessions at a time that suits you are available on request.

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This is your opportunity to try all the classes and experience all the wonderful benefits they have to offer.

Join our little community, become part of the furniture 😉  and make friends.



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Free introduction to Feel-Good Yoga – 2017





WHEN: TCB, September
WHERE: Queen’s Mill, 1 Aire St, Castleford WF10 1JL
COST: Free
CONTACT  Marie: 01977730055 / email: marie@mpower-fitness.co.uk

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Find out why Feel-Good Yoga really is for every body!


Don’t think you’re a ‘Yoga person?
…you’re not all that flexible, you have back pain, or you have a busy mind with 20 things running through it all the time — but you still want to experience the awesome benefits of a regular Yoga practice.


We might be perfect for each other if……

  • You prefer more personal groups (I only take 9 people per session)
  • You may have back pain which stops you living your life to its full potential
  • You need some “me time” so you can be more present with those you love
  • You want to learn yoga with a teacher you can relate to in a supportive non competitive way


Who is “Feel-Good Yoga” for:
Those of us who don’t feel comfortable in conventional Yoga Circles. The rebellious, lone wolfs, the dark horses, the introverts, nerds and readers. Those of us who are imperfect, maybe we’re not super fit, a human pretzel or vegetarian. People like you – “come as you are!”

If you want to practice yoga with a teacher that understands chronic pain from first hand experience look no further. I live with Ankylosing Spondylitis a form of arthritis.
To find out more about how I manage my condition check out my website and blog or get in touch and have a chat.


How I can help you with Hatha Yoga:

  • give your time to relax, revive and heal
  • help your relieve neck and back pain
  • improve your flexibility and strength
  • help calm and steady your mind
  • improve your energy levels
  • develop your happiness and contentment levels
  • improve your mind-body relationship
  • give you the time and skills you need for self- care
  • yoga can help you in your sport and fitness pursuits
  • learn Yoga in a way that is accessible, welcoming, and fun (you might even laugh in my classes)


Feel-Good Yoga for every body, inclusive and accessible!

So, you have been curious about Yoga and think it could help you. You don’t feel like your best self, which leaves you with little energy.

You’re so busy and stressed out, you just don’t feel fully there. You want to improve your health, get out of pain and relax.

The only thing is, you’re not sure if Yoga is for you. You’re not super fit or flexible. Or You have back pain and aren’t sure if Yoga can be made accessible to you?

Maybe you’ve tried a DVD on your own and got lost, or mustered up your courage and went to a trendy Yoga studio. When you got there you felt a bit like the odd one out; you didn’t have a fancy Yoga outfit and felt a bit uncomfortable?

Then after being crammed into the class like a sardine, it felt more like boot camp than Yoga! You didn’t get any guidance or corrections from the teacher.

You felt lost in the shuffle and left class feeling a bit deflated, not sure if this whole “Yoga thing” is for you.

Want a committed, engaged, teacher to work with you as you learn Yoga to heal yourself so you can be more present for your partner, family, community, and the world.

I teach ‘real Yoga for the rest of us’: my focus is to make Yoga inclusive and accessible.


My Bio:
Did you know you are likely to have done several yoga poses if you have attended other forms of programs or have had Physiotherapy? Many yoga postures are the basis of pilates and other body weight and conditioning programs.

I never liked the idea of yoga because generally it is portrayed as something that only skinny, hyper flexible vegetarian hippies do. Many yogis seem to be showing off their crazy acrobatic poses on social media, which didn’t help, make it more attractive.

I came to like yoga more in a round about way. I knew I had to find something slow and mindful to practice along side the crazy stressful fitness classes I was teaching. That’s when I looked at Tai chi again.
I didn’t really enjoy the tai chi classes I had tried, I have written about it here. I found a Tai chi Qigong Shibashi training course that gave me what I was after and now I teach it in a way that works for me and for other people that did not enjoy Tai chi in the extremely traditional form.

Something similar happened for me with Yoga, I had been unwell with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inflammatory condition of the spine and joints for several years when I looked to holistic ways of helping myself get better. I used some basic but effective yoga postures and some feldenkrais movement therapy from the CHEK method alongside some meditation and regular tai chi to help my body and mind find back together.

I am not promising that any of these methods are a “cure all” but they can certainly help strengthen the body and the mind and help create a more peaceful disposition. I learned that it is not always appropriate to address acute physical ailments with yoga even when someone claims that X or Y will help with the issue. Sometimes less is more and the body just needs time and very very reduced specific movements with a lot more mindfulness.

My classes are aimed at people that like to understand why they are doing an exercise and the benefits they may get from it, whatever stage they are at in their fitness journey. My participants appreciate that I am able to explain to them what the movements are meant to address and influence and how they can help them and their individual needs.
I had to learn to move with care and to make friends with my body and what it is willing to give, I like to share with others that it is not how bendy you are but how you progress mentally and physically through regular practice.

To me, yoga is not about being able to perform fancy extreme postures, but to be able to find peace and comfort in doable postures that may not be comfortable when you first try them, all you need is your body and the willingness to explore it exactly how it is in that moment. If something improves over time, great, having practiced mindfully you will notice it and with that can celebrate your achievement.
During my yoga teacher training I learned a lot more about the background and theory, it soon became clear that the postures we practice in the western world are primarily there to prepare the body to find stillness and comfort in classic seated meditation poses such as sitting cross legged – Sukhasana. I also liked that there were several ways of practicing yoga that had nothing to do with doing complicated postures. FOR-WEB-KAY-BadgeMarie_Mann_Mpower-fitness Having practiced meditation and breathing exercises regularly for several years I felt like yoga was actually something I am good at after all even though I am lacking amazing flexibility. Having a flexible mind is also a skill that yoga helps you develop.

I am fully insured, hold a current first aid certification and have an enhanced DBS check (formerly known as CRB check).

Castleford-yoga has been going for nearly a year now and my grown ups love yoga so much their kids have been asking to have a go too, so I am now a qualified “Kidding Around Yoga Teacher”, check out everything kids yoga related in Castleford and surrounding areas here.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Drop me an email: marie@mpower-fitness.co.uk

All the best



Check out what others say about my classes:

enjoyable and yet challenging

"Yoga classes can often seem a little bit competitive, with everyone trying to be the most bendy, or else they are taught too fast and with little attention paid to form, as the instructor whizzes through moves he/she has done a million times with very little instruction, leaving you confused and frustrated, or just generally feeling you didn't get as much out of it as you should have.  Marie's classes are always well planned and well explained, enjoyable and yet challenging, and above all leave you feeling relaxed and content afterwards."

Helen W. Castleford 02/09/2016

found Marie’s hands-on classes very helpful

"I have always found yoga frustrating before taking classes with Marie because I wasn't sure whether I was doing the poses right. I have found Marie's hands-on classes very helpful because by correcting me I felt what a massive difference doing a pose correctly makes on your body. She would also modify poses and breathing techniques to match my physical abilities or better said lack of and I've always felt very relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended!"

Andana S. Leeds 02/09/2016

default image

I didn’t think it was for me…

"I'd never tried yoga before attending one of Marie's classes because, to be honest, I didn't think it was for me.

I'm not particularly flexible, so I'd never be able to engage with yoga, right? Wrong! Marie's class was structured so that people with different capabilities could easily take part and enjoy yoga. I wasn't the best at getting into each yoga position gracefully, but I had lots of fun anyway, and Marie helped me to adjust my body where needed. She also explained each move carefully so that it was easy to follow, and told you how the positions benefited you in body and mind. After the class, I was surprised at how much I had enjoyed myself and loved how it made me feel - strong and willing to try it again soon! I think Marie's yoga classes have something for all levels of experience and I would recommend it to everyone!"

Amy Jane F. Leeds/ Doncaster 02/09/2016

appreciate Marie’s thoughtfulness and personal touch

"I wasn't convinced about yoga at first, but decided to test the waters and it has grown on me with time. This is in no small part thanks to Marie's teaching style that combines creativity with care and sensitivity to the particular needs someone might have. I particularly appreciate Marie's thoughtfulness and personal touch in preparing and delivering the classes that allows to get into yoga gradually in fun and enjoyable way. Highly recommended!"

Tomek T. Leeds/ Exeter 02/09/2016

creates absolutely lovely atmosphere

I have decided to try Yoga classes with Marie having already some yoga experience beforehand. I wasn't sure if I can learn anything new but I did. Marie pays attention to all student's needs always patiently explaining details of very new yoga pose but also helping to improve and eliminate all the bad habits one may already have. Very friendly and kind Marie creates absolutely lovely atmosphere helping to relax and enjoy the class to all level students. I'm sure I will be coming back to Marie's yoga class very soon.

Anna H. Leeds 02/09/2016

Marie is always very good about offering me alternative poses

“I am a complete yoga addict now….all thanks to Marie.  Previously I had gone to yoga classes where everyone was very serious and all were super bendy and I felt very uncomfortable being there and thought I was useless at yoga and would never be able to do it.  Then I discovered Marie’s classes.  She makes you feel welcome and makes you realise yoga is for everyone….it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are and it doesn’t matter how many blocks, straps, cushions, etc you use to assist you in poses.  I have a weird back issue which means I cannot do back bends.  Marie is always very good about offering me alternative poses to stop me hurting myself.  She is very good about finding out about people’s health issues and ensuring they push themselves in a class, but in a way that is not going to hurt them.  I feel I have gained a lot from Marie’s classes, not just physically but also mentally”

Nikki A. Castleford 11/01/2017

default image

I cannot describe the difference this has made to me

I just wanted to give you a little feedback from our Yoga Sessions and thank you for your support and encouragement. I have been doing stretching exercises/Yoga in my lunch hour for the past week or so.  I cannot describe the difference this has made to me.  Even in just a week. The pain that has become such a part of me that I didn't notice it until it was missing has gone! I am getting more flexible, my posture is a lot better, and I feel a lot less tired and stressed.  I get through the afternoon a lot better as I am getting a break from the computer and the office.  I look forward to continuing and getting more flexible and learning new things.

Carol S. Castleford 02/09/2016

default image

at the end of the class felt very relaxed

I have really enjoyed the course, thought we covered quite a lot. You explained the moves really well, including the benefits and how the body would feel it we did it wrong. I found that really helpful as you need to know if your doing correctly. At the end of the class felt very relaxed and looking forward to next one. Have really appreciated your help and advice thorough out. I would like to carry on with the second course.

Catherine C. Castleford 02/09/2016

default image

a small class is so much better

Can I say that I am very much enjoying the yoga you are teaching us. I truly believe it is helping me and making me more conscious of my posture and how my body feels.
I think the balance between relaxation, breathing techniques and moves is perfect for me. In my opinion because we are a small class it's so much better!
I like the fact you email us the following day with a little task and the affirmations are wonderful ! Oh, and I liked that your cat even gets involved 😀.

Joanne P. Castleford 02/09/2016

I feel stronger in mind and body for doing it

"I have always been a fairly active person, but around the middle of 2016, my back went into a really bad spasm, and the pain was so bad I could hardly move without it hurting. I decided that maybe yoga might help, so I found Marie's website and decided to go for a taster session. I then decided to join a class, and I have found the warm up sessions, the stretching, balancing, and concentration on breathing/relaxing which yoga gives me, has made me feel so much better about myself, and so far I have had no back pain since. I feel stronger in mind and body for doing it and I can fully recommend Marie as an excellent teacher who will always find a way to modify a pose for the individual if they feel it is uncomfortable or unattainable for them to do. I would definitely give Yoga a try, I love doing it. 👍  "

Chris S. 11/01/2017

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